A modern laptop displaying an example of Powster's ticketing platform.
A modern smartphone displaying an example of Powster's ticketing platform.

Powster Ticketing

A brand new way to sell tickets

A new ticketing model that gives the exhibitor full control at every stage of the transaction process. No third-party merchant accounts. No reconciliation at the end of every month. Powster Ticketing is an exhibitor-friendly approach to third-party ticketing.

  • Reach

    Grow your audience by converting movie fans into your customers

  • Ownership

    Your customer. Your ticket.
    Your brand.

  • Control

    No middle-man. Your merchant account handles funds and refunds

A trendy person in ripped jeans using Powster's ticketing platform on their Smartphone.

How it Works

Powster is the home of movie fans online. We build official movie sites for all the major movie studios and over 100 independent distributors. In 2017 we built over 1300 showtimes platforms with 422 million visitors. We can now connect these visitors to your movie theatre by enabling ticketing on our showtimes platform.

A group of friends happily watching a film in a cinema together and laughing.

Our Audience

From followers of film on Facebook & Twitter to movie fans engaging with online marketing campaigns; all traffic leads to the Powster showtimes platform. Powster ticketing connects this vast studio audience of millions to your theatre. There is every chance these visitors will be your next new customer.

A view from the back of a cinema; looking out over the audience as they bask in the glow of the screen's light.


A quick, intuitive and mobile-optimised ticketing flow. From seat selection to payment, your brand is always front and centre. When a customer has bought a ticket they receive your branded email confirmation.

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