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Indiana Jones Social Campaign 2013

Advertising, Web Development


Project description

What is it?
Indiana Jones is on Facebook! Follow his adventures right back through Facebooks timeline and enjoy exclusive clips, bonus content and fun games, quizzes and more from the Indiana Jones world!
Client: Paramount Home Entertainment
Date: 1st November 2014
View on Facebook here
Using the new Facebook Timeline functionality we backdated content seamlessly, allowing us to curate a digital museum of content for all Dr. Jones’ adventures throughout the the years.
To create nostalgia around the brand we built an interactive diary widget for each film.
The diaries contained incredible unseen content in the voice of Indy himself and bespoke artwork.
All content was developed together with Lucasfilm’s continuity experts to give the dedicated fans something original and completely accurate to the franchise.
These widgets were then posted on Doctor Jones’ timeline, at the date the action would have taken place in the movie and translated into 14 different languages for maximum reach. It’s like Indy had a Facebook!
Inspiring nostalgia in fans worked! The page gained 4,000 extra likes per day and the click throughs on the widgets themselves ranged from 6% to an astronomical 20%!
Using #IndySnakePit on Twitter users could drop into a virtual snake pit as a snake!  
"Oh, my God, this whole place is slithering."
The snake pit was projected live during Comic-Con in San Diego, right behind a real snake pit!
"Asps... very dangerous. You go first."
To immerse fans completely, we deployed a game for each film that linked with the backdated diary widgets. The games were inspired by classic moments from the films, fans had to use their Indy knowledge to complete the game. Clues were also hidden within the diary widgets revealing the answers to the puzzles. This gave fans a great reason to revisit previous content and re-remember their favourite moments.
As a reward for completing the puzzles, Lucasfilm provided amazing, never before seen content which gave the games great traction.